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Click one of the links below, or scroll down for the Slide'n lock system:

Adding a Sink to the Truck

Upper Bunk

Convenience box - holds FRS radios

Slide-N-Lock Cargo Tie Down System 
I wanted a tie-down system for carrying cargo on the deck of the tractor, but I did not like the looks or utility of the traditional D rings. I used the Slide-N-lock tie down system, which I bought at Arizona Trucks: http://www.aztrucks.com  I paid $123.95, including shipping.


Slide-N-Lock's unique system allows you to position tie-downs right where you need them in seconds. Just pull the spring-loaded locking pin to slide the tie point smoothly and easily to the specific locating hole you want, attach your cargo and go. The Slide-N-Lock rails are made of high grade, T-6 Anodized Aluminum, and all locking pins and hardware are Stainless Steel for years of rust-free service. The capacity is 1,000lbs. per tie point in any direction.

The rails come as a set, and are available in 7", 22", 68", and 93". I used the 68" set, which come with 4 tie rings. I wanted an additional 2 rings, and discovered it was cheaper to order the 7" set of rails, which come with 2 rings, than to order the rings separately. The rails come as either natural aluminum (silver) or powder coated black. 

The rails mount via 1/4-20 stanless bolts every 10". In my application I had to tap the frame rail of the truck body  where I mounted them - since there was no access to the back of the bolts. I used black silicon caulk around the holes and on the bolt threads to keep water out of the bed rail (which is square tubing). 

Here is what the black ones look like

Tapping the bed rail
The steel is soft, so it was easy, and the tracks secure well

The finished product

The short ones are at the side of the front box

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