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Published June 8, 2007
  • We are back in Woodland Park for the summer. We will leave here around Sept. 25 for Wichita, KS and the HDT Rally. From there we will head for Mission, TX to inspect the new RV lot we bought there. Probably go windsurfing sometime in Oct./Nov. at Padre Island National Seashore, Bird Island Basin near Corpus Christie. I expect we will winter in Mission this year - at least until we have to leave to get to Moab and camphost at Arches again in March and April. 
Published January 23, 2007
  • As usual, plans have changed. We enjoyed the Tampa RV Show. We are now back from our "vacation" and  in the Summerdale, AL SKP park until the first week of Feb. when we head west. We will be camphosts in Arches National Park, Moab, UT  for the months of March and April. Then we head back to Woodland Park, CO to repeat our 2006 summer at Diamond Campground. Stop by and visit if you are in the area.

Published Oct 3, 2006
  • We are currently at the HDT Rally in Wichita, KS. When we leave here we head for Lynchburg, VA to visit Danielle's sister until the first week of December. On the way, we will stop at the New Horizons factory in Junction City, KS and in Memphis, TN.
  • The first week of December we will head to the Escapees Summerdale, AL park where we will be until the end of Feb. We will take a "vacation" in January to attend the Tampa RV Show, but other than that, we will be at Summerdale until we head west in March.
Published May 16, 2006
  • We are in Woodland Park, CO, just 18 miles west of Colorado Springs  at our summer workamping job. Come visit us at Diamond Campground. Within site of Pikes Peak. We are at 8500', so the summer should be great.
Published March 11, 2006
  • Well, our plans to go windsurf "bit the dust". So we are still at North Ranch getting ready to leave for CO. We decided to skip the three weeks of windsurfing we would be able to get in because of the driving distances (over 2000 miles) and the short time.
  • Once we get our maintenance and 5er "projects" done we will head for CO by way of Sedona, Petrified Forest NP, Mesa Verde NP, and Moab (Arches and Canyonland NPs).  We expect to leave here by the end of March.

Published January 29, 2006
  • We left the Quartzsite gathering today, after a week boondocking in the desert with Jerry and Sherry, and Tom and Sally. Got all our meds in Mexico, and all the RV "stuff" we needed at the Quartzsite events. We are back in North Ranch (outside of Wickenburg, AZ) where we bought a lot at the begining of the month. We will stay here doing maintenance and other tasks until mid Feb, when we head for the Tuscon MDT Rally. After that we head to Big Bend for some hiking and visiting friends working there.
  • The Month of April (and some of March) will be spent boondocking at Bird Island Basin at Corpus Christie for windsurfing.
  • We will work at Diamond Campground, near Woodland Park, CO (outside of Colorodo Springs) for the summer (May 12-Sept). Come visit if in the area.

Published Nov. 30, 2005
  • The first week of December we will spend in Las Vegas with family. We always stay at Sam's Town. Then we will spend a week in Death Valley exploring.
  • Christmas will be spent in Pahrump, NV at Charleston Peak Winery, after that we will head to Quartzsite until the end of January.
  • February we will attend the MDT BOF rally at Beaudry RV in Tucson, and from there gradually head to Big Bend, TX.
Published Oct. 4, 2005
  • The Balloon Fiesta was great. Perfect weather and lots of gentle wind for the ballonists. We are headed west tomorrow - a day or so at the Sky City casino boondocking, then on to a Passport park farther west to wash clothes (yes, it has to be done sometime). We will head for the Grand Canyon south rim for a week or so.
  • After that, will be in Sierra Vista area for a week or so, and then gently move towards Las Vegas for Dec. 1.
  • Plan to spend a week in Vegas, then over to Parumph or Laughlin for Christmas.
  • Q in mid January. 

Published Sept. 17, 2005
FINALLY, we are headed west (Sun, 18th). We need to be at the Balloon Fiesta on Oct. 1. We will head out I-20 to Kilgore, TX, then NW cross country to I-40 and on to Albeq. NM.
Published Sept, 4, 2005
After fleeing the hurricane - we left Summerdale and went to just west of Tallahassee - we are now back in Summerdale. We have helped some with the cleanup here - mainly limbs and branches on the ground. We intend to leave here by Sept. 18 to head to the Balloon Fiesta. Assuming there are no additional fuel availability problems in the south. The house is still not done, but move-in is this week.
Published July 31, 2005

We are finally in AL and the Rainbow Plantation SKP park in Summerdale. We will be here until mid September helping Jack's parents move into their new house (if it ever gets done). After that, we go to Doonan's in Wichita, KS for some truck service on the way to the Balloon Fiesta at the end of Sept.

Published June 25, 2005

Well, we had hoped to be headed back west by the end of June, but we are stuck in the east until at least mid August.

We are helping Jacks parents move from their lifelong home in PA to the warmer climes of southern AL, where they have wintered for 20 years. Their new home is 6 miles from the SKP park in Summerdale - Rainbow Plantation. How convenient!

Currently, we are back in VA at my brother-in-laws where we dropped off some of the items we had stored in PA (Jack's tools, some dishes, etc.) We will be at the HDT PA rally at Raystown Lake July 7-11, then back to the Philadelphia area for the final packing and the drive to AL. We hope to be in AL by mid-late July.

When we leave AL we head to CO via Wichita and Kenny Doonans for some truck servicing. Then the Balloon Fiesta at the end of Sept. (we will miss the Wichita HDT Rally).