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Well, here we are.....

Danielle is from the Montreal, Quebec area where she lived all her life until Jack "uprooted" her and took her to PA, where we spent our "house-bound" years. And yes, she speaks French - it is her first language. She learned to speak English as a child, and has refined it over the years. She still has an accent, but it is not French, it is SE PA!
Jack was born in TX, but raised in PA. That is where we lived before fulltiming. Jack worked for a major computer manufacturer his entire career, and Danielle worked for a national transportation company, in various areas (including safety, and loss prevention). Her career was what first pointed us towards "big" trucks as RV haulers.
When we were housebound we spent our free time with our horses (we have both ridden almost all our lives), windsurfing, and taking care of our pets. And of course, slaving over the Great American Dream - a house. Boy, were we ever slow to catch on to the fact that our houses were running (or is that ruining) our lives. But once we did, it did not take us long to "escape".

In October of 2004 we celebrated our 30th wedding aniversary....where did the time go?
We started fulltiming as soon as we thought it was possible for us,  financially.  We wish we would have started sooner - we love the lifestyle. We don't anticipate stopping until our health requires us to - which will be many years in the future, we hope. 
We workamp in the summer. We typically decide on an area we would like to see in depth.  We then find a job in that area - this gives us a "free" base to see the area from, and we enjoy the work.  To date, we have worked in commercial campgrounds, and have enjoyed the experience.  We don't do it for the money, but it does minimize expenses.  You would find it difficult to live on a workamping job if you did not have supplemental income. Additional info on workamping can be found at http://www.workamper.com.
Our experiences working as campground hosts at Arches National Park can be found at Arches Workamping.
You can download our workamping resume in PDF format here:

Workamping Resume

Jack & Danielle's workamping resume

Poppy, our Australian Shephard mix

At the Grand Canyon, North rim
We all know who's dog this is!!

Our hobbies  revolve around outdoor activities. We are avid windsurfers in the spring and fall; we hike, bike ride and rollerblade wherever we are.
We had not planned to have any pets while fulltiming. It restricts, somewhat, what you can do. But, in Sept. 2004 we "acquired" a 3 year old (we think) Australian Shepherd mix. She is about the best dog you could hope for as a fulltimer. Quiet, not too energetic (unlike most Australian Shepherds), and very willing to please. Like all our former pets she will be with us until she dies, so it is a big commitment. She only weighs 35 pounds, so it is easy to "boost" her into the truck. Actually, we are surprised we "lasted" this long without a dog (over 6 years).
After over 5 years travelling fulltime we recently bought an RV lot outside of Wickenburg, AZ, at the Escapees North Ranch RV park. We bought a "small" lot that was completely finished and landscaped. There is a 10'x12' shed that is completely finished (carpeting, drywall and cabinets) with a sink, water heater and washer (the dryer is a future thing, the plug is there). The lot is 55'x75' and has a nice concrete patio the wraps around the 5er. The lot is totally covered with landscape stone - basically, it is a desert "zero-scape" lot. We have unobstucted views to the mountains, and a retention pond area to the rear, with a common area to one side - so we are not crowded against other units.
We purchased this mainly as an investment, and will not change our wandering lifestyle. We like this area a lot, since it is within a half day drive of just about all the "important" stuff in the southwest - Las Vegas, Laughlin, Lake Havasu, Tombstone, Prescott, Sedona, Flagstaff, Yuma and Quartzsite are all easy drives.

The jeep is ours
The Acura on the left is not

The shed and common area

Back windows view the mountains